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Meet Eryn...

I'm Eryn, a mom, wife, friend and lover of this precious life, and lover of hiking too! 

We are all understanding the importance of prevention and keeping our bodies strong. It took me working through wellness challenges, to awaken me to the major importance of self-care.

A little about some rough prior years... 

For years I felt helpless in my own body. My body, mind and nerves were worn out. Not a good situation to be in when raising my two young children. Making a simple phone call required far too much energy. The panic and its symptoms held me hostage. My adrenal glands needed a major tune-up. I learned how fear and stress creates unwellness - on all levels.

I had not yet learned how important it is to nourish ourselves emotionally and physically. I had not learned the importance and power of self-care - and of being proactive with our wellness - especially today. I had not learned how toxins store in the human body and work against wellness. 

Prevention is so much better! Do you know anyone that died way too young? Let's not let that happen.  

Let's make great choices so we can live a long full life, fulfilling our purpose!

I took the bull by the horns and dove in to learn because I wanted to walk a healthier life. And I even fell more in love with Jesus on the way. Here I am in Israel at the Dead Sea. It was so exciting and life changing to walk in the same steps that Jesus did, as I traveled throughout Israel.

I look back now, and can say my challenges were a blessing in disguise!

I learned how especially today, we need to be proactive with our self-care and if we don't, we pay the price. Knowledge is power!  I learned there are things we can do to:

  • find wellness again
  • feel stronger
  • optimally feed the body on all levels
  • balance hormones
  • have beautiful youthful skin, and people will want to know what you are doing to look so much healthier!
  • rejuvenate adrenal glands
  • reduce stress and support the nervous system
  • develop a more positive mindset, feel more positive, feel more confident, and weather the storms in life more easily and quickly
  • support and strengthen the immune system
  • care for the respiratory system
  • function better, and have more energy
  • even look better and more youthful as we walk a healthier, more fit, and less toxic lifestyle

I have learned, the more we invest in our wellness, well, the bigger our return.

We can remain vital and healthy through great and healthy choices. These healthy choices allow us to live a better, and longer life too. Don't let ignorance diminish your quality of life. You got this!

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