Here's to a Higher Quality Life with Balanced Hormones

I would say a mistake I find women make, is they do not understand the importance of having balanced and supported hormones.

It took me years to understand how important this is, and the negative impacts to our body and mind, when our hormones are not supported and balanced.

I had gone through hormonal testing, and the remedies recommended did not help me. I had to continue to dig, and find an incredible product and key nutrients that have helped me so much.

Imbalanced hormones can manifest through cycles that are out of whack, hot flashes, anxiety, weepiness, feelings of insecurity, inability to get pregnant, endocrine disruptions, and more.

I think we are lucky to have so much testing available today, to give us some guidance. And then there are many choices out there to find what works for us.

It is also of critical importance, to really go through one's entire lifestyle, and pay attention to the toxins that are being taken in from the air, water, food, and products. I went through every product I used in my home - and replaced them with toxin-free products, products that also were above green and actually strengthened my wellness too. And I really increased my nutrient level.

Stress can also make this worse.

Contact me if you would like to find out what I do to support the balance of my hormones - it might help you too.  Other women shared their experiences to help me, and I can pass on this wisdom. Life is meant living to its fullest! I found help and so can you! 💕 Eryn